about team

Kate Peter, of August Designs Interior Design Studio, believes that working together is better than apart. That is why she has teamed up with Katherine Robbins, owner of Heartwood Home Designs, & Will Hearty, Head of Logistics. “The Katherines” might have started off as friends but through their ambition, dreams & career goals they have transformed their friendship into a powerhouse team. Owning their respected businesses they come together to work closely on projects.  Will Hearty is our “go to problem solver” and leads our Logistic team. Will works to provide solutions for all of our clients while keeping all of us at ease! Kate, Katherine and Will are making waves globally with offices in London, Boston, & Barcelona.

meet the team


Kate Phelan Peter

Founder of August Designs

KP has been in the design world for the last two decades where she built and sold two other companies. She moved from Boston to London to start her family with her husband but her clients are still located globally.