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Can August Designs help us with furniture shopping as well?

ABSOLUTELY! Furniture sourcing is one of our favorite parts of your job. Sourcing is included in eDesign, can be added to any renovations, or can be an individual service. Contact us today to see what service is best for you.

What is the ideation and design process like at August Designs?

At August Designs our innovative designs & furniture selections transforms residential space, development property, and boutique hospitality venues into a timeless design. We offer each of our clients a unique and innovative solution to their design needs no matter the project or budget. We believe creative designs & curating furniture layouts are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between the interior designer and client. In every project, we strive to fully understand our clients’ needs, wants,  and apply their vision into our designs.

How do I book your services?

Easiest way is to email, and we will schedule a free consultation!

How much do your services cost?

Every service is priced differently and since we do bespoke projects every project will be different. eDesign starts off  300 USD  225 GBP 250 Euros. Individual planning services begin at 75 USD.. All renovation projects will be evaluated at the time. 

We do not charge an hourly rate, once we have agreed to our terms of service there will be no addiotional costs.

Can I choose which designer gets assigned to my project?

All projects go through August Designs but depending on the scope of the projects you might get all three team members!