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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

This studio is another property we worked on in collaboration with the developer Thatch, and designed together. The importance of a studio is making the space feel as big and functional as possible, we achieved this by creating zones. Kitchen, living, bedroom, and office, all creating living spaces for the tenant that are separate but keeping the overall style to keep the studio cohesive. An accent wall also is a cheap way to bring in a design element.

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Dining Room Table: West Elm, Drop Lead Table

Dining Room Chairs: Build, Delacore Chairs

Loveseat option: Wayfair, Mercer 41 Clovis

Rug: Ruggable, Kamran Coral

Full Length Mirror: Wayfair, Home Mirror

Items that would also complement this look:

Wooden Bench (cognac): Safavieh, Wooden & Leather Bench

Wooden Bench (black): Safavieh Wooden & Leather Bench

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